Introduction to Ancient Rome

CC (s)302 (82005) Summer 2009

Forum Romanum

Cato the Elder


Roman toga: notice the overhanging fold (or sinus, in Latin), which could be used as a pocket...


Roman military trophy

Death of Archimedes (16th cent. AD copy)

The "Riace Warriors": pair of Classical Greek bronze statues, found offshore Riace, southern Italy, perhaps from a Roman shipwreck. Compare these with the Mars of Todi (Conquest of Italy page) - what similarities and differences do you see?

Garden peristyle, House of Vettii, Pompeii (1st c. AD): filled with Greek statues, and frescoed scenes of Greek mythology

Hellenistic Greek statue of a maenad/ Bacchic dancer (perhaps similar to the 'Bacchae' Cicero found so inappropriate for his library!)

[source: transl. Shuckburgh,]

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