Introduction to Ancient Rome

CC (s)302 (82005) Summer 2009

Forum Romanum

Required Text:

(Ward) = A. M. Ward, F. M. Heichelheim, and C. A. Yeo. A History of the Roman People. Prentice Hall, 4th edition, 2002.

Recommended Purchase:

(on Reserve in PCL)

(Kleiner) = F. S. Kleiner. A History of Roman Art. Thompson Wadsworth, 2007.

(W) 1-2;

(O) Timeline; Maps

(K) p. 1-7

(W) 10-11;

(O) Eastern Med & Western Med

(W) 12-13;

(O) Romans & Greek Culture;

(K) p. 7-12, 17-23, 31-40, 47-52

(W) 14; (O) Gracchi

(W) 15-17;

(O) Marius/Sulla; Catiline

(W) 18-19;

(O) Caesar: Civil Wars; Cicero: Letters I-II; Plutarch: Murder

(W) 21; (O) Republican Funerals;

(K) p. 13-15, 23-29, 40-5, 52-9

(W) 20;

(O) Cicero: Letters III; Tacitus: Annals, end of the Republic

(W) 24-25;

(O) Augustan pd: Part II & Part III

(W) 26-27;

(K) Ch. 8; (O) Claudius' Letter to the Alexandrians; Bio of Nero

(W) 28;

(K) Ch. 9; (O) Flavian period (Lex de Imp. Vesp. & Jewish War)

(K) Ch. 10; p. 203-210;

(O) Juvenal: Satire 3; (eRes)

(W) 29;

(K) Ch. 11-12;

(O) Aelius: from Life of Hadrian

(K) Ch. 13; 15-16;

(O) M. Aurelius: Virtue of A. Pius;

Caracalla: Const. Antoniniana

(W) 30;

(K) Ch. 6; p. 247-258

(K) p. 258-261;

(O) Apuleius: epiphany of Isis; Book of Revelation 17-18; Minucius Felix, al. (eRes)

(W) 31-33; (K) Ch. 18

(W) 34-36;

(K) Ch. 19; p. 291-298;

(O) Diocletian: Price Edict; sample of prices; Map

(W) 37-38;

(K) p. 299-306; (O) Ammianus: to Rome; Rutilius: greatness in ruin

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