Introduction to Ancient Rome

CC (s)302 (82005) Summer 2009

Forum Romanum

Roman Empire:

from Augustus to Trajan

(provinces, major cities)

Pre-Roman Italy:


Site of Rome:

Seven Hills, Servian Wall, and roads out of the city

Rome: archaeological monuments

(use as a reference to locate monuments mentioned in readings/lectures)

Monuments of the Roman Forum

Roman Expansion in Italy to 265 BC

Roman Empire in the Mid-Republic:

from 2nd Punic War to 133 BC

Roman Forum at the time of the Gracchi

Roman Empire in 60 BC

View over Palatine Hill, toward the Forum Romanum (in color) and Imperial Fora

Plan: Imperial Fora (purple) and Forum Romanum (yellow)

Division of Empire:

Eastern and Western Roman Empires, ca. AD 400

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