Introduction to Ancient Rome

CC (s)302 (82005) Summer 2009

Forum Romanum


Coin commemorating 'Marian' recruitment reforms

"Marius' Mules": modern replica of the packs carried by Roman soldiers following 'Marian' reforms; packs included a blanket, toolkit, and messkit, and could weigh over 90lbs!

Replicas of Roman javelins (pila)

"Marius amid the ruins of Carthage"


Coin commemorating Bocchus' surrender of Jugurtha (on the right) to Sulla (seated center)

Sulla as an older man

Mithridates VI

Praeneste: still dominating the hillside are remains of a grandiose theater-temple complex to Fortuna Primigenia (perhaps developed by Sulla, following his massacre and subsequent resettlement of the town)

Coin from Sulla's dictatorship, commemorating his triumph: this issue was not only minted in bronze, but also in gold - an unprecedented honor!

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