Introduction to Archaeological Studies II

Instructor: Constanze Witt


University of Texas at Austin

Classics Department

Archaeological News
Prentice-Hall companion web site to Stokstad


Cave Discoveries, Paleolithic
Lascaux, Cosquer and Chauvet caves (French Ministry of Culture)
Catal Huyuk - a neolithic tell in Anatolia
Ain Ghazal -- a neolithic town, published here at UT
Preserving Ancient Statues from Jordan - the Ain Ghazal figures
The Iceman -- additional links
Stonehenge and other megalithic sites in England
Watch Skara Brae QTVR movie
Newgrange at
Warfare in early Mesopotamia: Hamoukar
Met Museum Art of the First Cities
Sumerian Mythology FAQs
Chicago Oriental Institute's Lost Treasure of Iraq
Start Writing video
Cuneiform Writing System
Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative
Enheduanna's home page
Play the "Game of Twenty Squares" and read about the Royal Tombs of Ur
U.Penn's Royal Tombs of Ur exhibit,
Prehistoric Archaeology of the Aegean - online textbook on Aegean prehistory (you don't have to use the whole site, just for reference)
More Minoan images
Knossos site from the Greek Ministry of Culture
Knosos from BSA - nice 360 views
About the Thera eruption and the end of the Bronze Age
Mycenae site from Greek Ministry of Culture
"Beaurocrats & Barbarians" site
More Aegean images from AICT
Thera Ashes Project
Egypt Ministry of Culture -- a rich site on Egypt ancient and modern
Egypt links (including mummy sites)
The Hierakonpolis Expedition
Archaeology's Interactive Dig: Hierakonpolis
The Pyramid Builders (National Geographic) and Volunteers?
Virtual Kahun - 12th dynasty pyramid builders' town
Play the Pyramid Challenge game - can you build a pyramid?
Pyramids, the Inside Story -- from Nova on PBS
Life in Ancient Egypt - includes making beer and Palette of Narmer
Tomb of Senneferi ongoing excavation
Theban Mapping Project, incl. tomb of Ramesses II's sons
Read The Book of the Dead (Papyrus of Ani)
Conservation of the Tomb of Nefertari
 Near East
Hittite Mythology
 Troy VR
Trojan War -- who's who to help you read the Iliad
Images of Trojan War Myth -- the war in art
Troy VII and The Historicity of the Trojan War
Interactive Uluburun Shipwreck
"Sea Peoples" at U Penn
 Watch movie on Ashurnasirpal II's palace
Walk through the Louvre's room of sculptures from Khorsabad (Sargon II)
Read the inscription on the Ishtar Gate 
Neo-Babylonian Mathematics
Neo-Babylonian History
Article on Stolen Stones: The Modern Sack of Niniveh (and Nimrud)
More Neo-Assyrian, Neo-Babylonian and Persian images from AICT
Splendor of Persia
The Levant
Tel Hazor Excavation site
Megiddo Expedition site
Ugarit: listen to the oldest (?) preserved music notation
Ugarit: Edinburgh Ras Shamra Project & museum
Phoenician alphabet site
Biblical Jerusalem, from the Israeli Ministry of Culture
First Temple Jerusalem
A Day at Qumran
Dead Sea Scrolls FAQs
Scrolls from the Dead Sea Exhibit


Classics and Mediterranean Archaeology
Diotima -- Women and Gender Studies
Greek and Roman Collection, Metropolitan Museum (view "highlights")
Our Sarah's COMPREHENSIVE web site -- needs EID & password
Metis: Greek Archaeological sites in QTVR
Herodotus Web Site -- lots of reading help, essays, information, bibliography ...
The Ancient Greek World (daily life) at U. Penn Museum
Delphi, from Perseus; from Greek Ministry of Culture
Olympia from Greek Ministry of Culture
The Olympic Games, from Perseus
Classical Myth -- guide to the sources, attributes and images
The Parthenon
Greeks: Crucible of Civilization -- from PBS
Alexander the Great on the Web -- lots of links and images
In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great -- from PBS, with useful material
Battles of Alexander -- map and descriptions
Ancient Rome Timeline -- includes archaeological evidence
Augustus: Images of Power
Ostia: Harbor of Ancient Rome
Pompeii Forum Project -- the public building at Pompeii
Roman Ships of Pisa excavation site
De Imperatoribus Romanis -- everything on emperors
Fori Imperiali -- Imperial Rome
VRoma illustrated history pages
Leptis Magna site in Libya
Ancient Carthage
Aeneas in the Underworld and Vergil's Dido
Trajan's Forum site, with VR movies, reconstructions
Poems of Catullus
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