Tangential, Controversial and Just Plain Weird


Evolutionary Shenanigans

Modern Genetic Changes in Nature (legit)

Reverse Evolution from World Science (high on the YIKES meter)

Early Humans Were Prey, Not Predators, from National Geographic (okay)

Hunters in Pennsylvania to use atlatl, from National Geographic

Europeans Descended From Hunters, Not Farmers , from National Geographic

Early Humans Settled Globe Gradually,, from National Geographic


Catal Höyük and James Mellaart

The official web site of the excavations (legit)

Cool interactive tour

Mysteries at BBC Science (interesting interviews)

Molesting the Past - a review of The Goddess and the Bull: Catalhoyuk - An Archeological Journey to the Dawn of Civilisation -- an extreme view of archaeology

A Weaver's View of the Çatal Hüyük Controversy -- example of a diligent scholar and expert trying to debunk Mellaart weirdness

The Goddess Uncovered -- typical example of a deeply muddled and misguided site. Means well but gets it all wrong. Female does not automatically = goddess; those "giving birth" plaques turn out to be bears. Etc.

Interview with Marija Gimbutas, treat with extreme caution!!



Dating the pyramids by astronomical means 

Aliens built the pyramids (pretty much every fact on the page is wrong, but I love the elevation of Bishop Tutu to King)


Pyramid healing

Bosnian Pyramid : Discovery or Hoax?

Bosnian "Pyramid" -- see below under Atlantis


King Tutankhamun

Facial Reconstruction (National Geographic)

Tutankhamun' shows his face (Telegraph)

Three Reconstructions (Guardian)

Androgyny and mixed racial types (The Standard)


"A Test of Time," "Centuries of Darkness," and Egyptian and Biblical chronologies; deletion of the Dark Age

Centuries of Darkness home page

A New Chronology - Biblically biased synopsis of A Test of Time

ISIS and the Journal of Ancient Chronology have shut down, but

The discussion seems to be continuing at the catastrophist organization, SIS

Pro-revision of history page, incl. Velikovsky, etc. -- does not give counterarguments



Santorini and the Legend of Atlantis - an otherwise quite useful site about Thera

The Bosnian Pyramid and Atlantis

Atlantis - above the waves - and beyond reason

The Lost Continent - a reconstruction


Kennewick Man (an authentic U.S. find; controversy over disposition of the body)

At National Parks Service

At the Smithsonian

In the Time Magazine issue on Early Man (sic) in America


Vikings in America, etc.

From the Smithsonian -- this is the TRUE story

The following are examples of the deeply insane:

Old Irish Script in West Virginia

Cult Archaeology

The Equinox Project (takes Barry Fell seriously)

Roadside Runes


Gimbutas and Goddess Worship

Example from amongst DOZENS of weird sites:

The Gimbutas Paradigm - a neopagan site

Goddess Worship - That real "old time religion"?

Will the "Great Goddess" Resurface? site at UT! oh no ... Look out for the capital letters ...

False Goddess - discussion of book debunking Goddess-worship


Muddying the Gene Pool

Racial Types of Ancient Hellenes (the skull types he mentions, Mediterranean, Nordic etc., are completely discredited today ) -- typical example of voodoo genetics with a racial agenda

Genetic analysis and ethnic affinities from two Scytho-Siberian skeletons -- DNA analysis of migratory/nomadic Asian people


Fringe Archaeology web site from Groningen