Zoo 317 Heredity, Evolution and Society

Lecture 9 Cummings 4: pp 100-103

I. Genetic maps.

II. Genetic distance.

III. Physical maps.

IV. Applications.


Fig. 4.29: II-1 should be light blue; II-2 should be dark blue. In the caption to the figure, the last sentence is correct but would be more specific if stated, "This separation of the two alleles occurred by crossing over."
Fig. 4.30: The caption states that gene symbols are in red and symbols for other markers are in blue. However, both are in black.

I. A genetic map is a representation of the genes on a chromosome arrayed in linear order w ith distances between loci expressed as percent recombination (map units, centimorgans). Also called a linkage map.

II. Genetic distance is measured by frequency of crossing over between loci on the same chromosome.

III. A physical map describes the physical location of genes on chromosomes.

IV. Gene mapping has important applications.

genetic map physical map syntenic
crossing over genetic distance recombination
linkage linkage group map unit
centimorgan monomorphic polymorphic
genetic marker haplotype coupled
repulsion cell hybrid  

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