Zoo 317 Heredity, Evolution and Society

Lecture 24 Cummings 12: pp 299-303
13: pp 315-318

I. Analysis of DNA fragments.

II. DNA sequencing.

III. Polymerase chain reaction.

IV. Genetic diagnosis.


Page 302, Table 12.1: Cycle 5 should have 32 copies.

Page 303, Figure 12.17 caption: Primers are within the region to be amplified, not flanking it.

I. DNA fragments of different sizes can be separated from each other by means of electrophoresis.

II. DNA sequencing refers to the procedures used to establish the sequencing of nucleotides (nt) in DNA.

III. A technique known as the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) allows amplification of specific segments of DNA some 100,000,000 times in about three hours, starting with as little as one copy of the DNA.

IV. New DNA technology is used extensively in genetic diagnosis.

electrophoresis Southern blot DNA sequencing
 nucleotide analog   polymerase chain reaction   preimplantation embryo 

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