Zoo 317 Heredity, Evolution and Society

Lecture 27 Cummings 14: pp 330-338

I. Cancer characteristics.

II. Inherited risk of cancer.

III. Tumor suppressor genes.


p. 334, paragraph 5, last line: This phrasing is misleading. Retinoblastoma arises later in general if two mutations are required, but "later" still means early childhood.

p. 349, Summary, No. 1: Misleading. Cancer per se is very rarely present at birth. However, there are a number of genotypes for which the risk of eventual development of cancer is 100%, provided something else doesn't get you first.

I. Tumors are abnormal growth of tissue. Most involve somatic cells.

II. Inherited risk of cancer is low except in a few rare cases:

III. Many of the genes that have been associated with cancer risk have as their normal function the inhibition of cell growth. These are known collectively as tumor suppressor genes.

tumor cancer malignant
metastasis benign tumor transformation
clonal  multiple polyposis of the colon   retinoblastoma 
retinoblast BRCA1 BRCA2
 tumor suppressor gene     

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