Zoo 317 Heredity, Evolution and Society

Lecture 28 Cummings 14: pp 338-349

I. Oncogenes.

II. Mutation and cancer.

III. Cancer progression.


Page 341, last paragraph - page 342, first paragraph: Explanation is incorrect. See I.B. below. Figure 14.11 is correct, however.

I. Oncogenes are a class of genes that stimulate cell growth and division. Their modes of action are diverse. They function normally in the complex network of regulation of cell growth. Under abnormal circumstances, they may send inappropriate signals to the cell to grow.

II. Cancer results from the accumulation of specific mutations (including chromosome rearrangements) in somatic cells.

III. The progression of cancers from a benign tumor to a nonaggressive cancer to a highly aggressive cancer results from the continued accumulation of mutations and the generation of ever more malignant clones.

oncogene viral oncogene retrovirus  cellular oncogene 
 proto-oncogene  ras  fusion gene   gene amplification 
carcinogen  tumor progression     

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