Introduction to the Ancient World: Greece

Lecture 32

Alexander The Great

I. The significance of Alexander: world history 

II. The beginnings:  

A. Philip II of Macedon; Olympias; Chaeronea (338 B.C.); Demosthenes
B. Alexander takes over: against the Achaemenids (Persians); Troy,   Gordion (Gordian knot); Ephesus; Issos (333 B.C.), King Darius,   Egypt (Alexandria, Zeus oracle at Shiwa) 
C. Mesopotamia (Iraq), Iran, India - Gaugamela (331 B.C.); satrap Bessos; admiral Nearchos; oikumene 

III. The final years 

A. wedding at Susa
B. return of the exiles in Greece 
C. apotheosis; proskynesis 

IV. Achievement 

A. Macedonians and Persians; homonoia 
B. Greek colonization; koine
C. economic; trade 

V. Revisionist views 

VI. Influence and impact 

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