CC 301 Syllabus
Lecture 22 Outline

Images for Lecture 22


1. White-Ground Lekythos Painting: Woman Seated on a Chair

2. White-Ground Lekythos: Woman Carrying a Lekythos to a Tomb

3. Red-Figure Vase Painting: Woman Preparing for a Bath

4. Red-Figure Vase Painting: Laundress (Nausikaa?)

5. Red-Figure Tall-Handled Hydria: Presenting Gifts to a Bride

6. Hydria, contd.: Nuptial Scene shown with Erotes

7. Red-Figure Skyphos: Komos Scene showing Revellers

8. Red-Figure Vase Painting: Women Mourning the Death of a Youth

9. Red-Figure Komos Scene: Man Playing a Lyre and Woman Dancing

10. Red-Figure Vase Painting: Women Reclining/ Drinking at a Banquet 

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