Nominal and Relative Clause Practice

  1. Bernice, a hard-bitten private investigator, was working on a case for a rich manufacturer of polychromatic widgets whose accountant had absconded with the company's pension funds.

  2. Bernice figured out where the accountant had gone, because she tracked down his credit card records.

  3. Bernice caught a plane to Tahiti, where she knew the accountant, having assumed the identity of a dissolute French painter, was hiding out.

  4. The accountant -- no Gaugiun -- expressed dismay when Bernice confronted him with the evidence of his crime at his little thatched hut on a remote beach.

  5. Bernice indignantly demanded that the accountant make restitution for whatever crimes he had committed.

  6. Remorsefully, the accountant handed over all of the funds which he had taken, vowing to lead a blameless life in the future.

  7. After she had solved the case, the manufacturer paid Bernice a million dollars, which she used to start a successful dog grooming business in Topeka.

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