Unit 3 Nominals Group Assignments

1. Sentence Collection

Find an example of a sentence of each type in a written source, diagram each sentence, and provide, using appropriate tests, a clear explanation in grammatical terms of the reasoning behind your analyses. Please provide citations for the sources of your sentences.

  1. Sentence with WH-clause as D.O.
  2. Sentence with appositive that-clause.
  3. Sentence with expletive-that clause as D.O.
  4. Sentence with yes/no-interrogative as subject.
  5. Sentence with gerund phrase as object of a preposition.
  6. Sentence with a WH-clause that has the WH-pronoun acting as a determiner.

2. Sentence Construction

Construct each sentence according to the instructions, and diagram each sentence. You do NOT have to provide a written explanation for the sentences.

  1. Sentence with expletive that-clause as subject.
  2. Sentence with yes/no-interrogative as subject.
  3. Sentence with NP appositive to the D.O.
  4. Sentence with gerund phrase with explicit subject.
  5. Sentence with appositive infinitive phrase.
  6. Sentence with infinitive as explicit subject.

3. Comments on Problematical Sentences

None of these sentences would be entirely successful in standard, edited English. Some are sentences that a native speaker would not produce, others are perfectly grammatical in non-standard dialects but are not standard English, some have problems with punctuation, and at least one is best described as "unfortunate." For each sentence, identify and correct the problem, and provide a clear explanation of the problem in grammatical terms, using tests where appropriate.

  1. Sam dislikes to drive on I-35.
  2. After installing a new application program, your computer must be restarted.
  3. Samantha wants to find an apartment in Paris or the capital of France.
  4. Gertrude forgot putting her bike away, and it was stolen.
  5. I'm fixing to drive to Houston tomorrow.

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