Individual Writing Assignment Unit 3

1. The following are pairs of sentence that resemble each other superficially but differ in structure. Explain the differences in structure in grammatical terms (e.g., parts of speech identified correctly) provide an explanation of the reasoning behind your analyses, using tests to justify your conclusions (e.g., discussing coreference, movement of sentence constituents) and diagram each sentence. Note that you will NOT receive full credit unless you provide diagrams and justifications of your analyses.

A. Stanley's kitten, Maude, is hiding under the rose bushes again.
B. Stanley's problem, a real bother, is finding his recalitrant kitten again.

A. Wilhelmina persuaded her friends to go to the movie.
B. Wilhelmina wanted her friends to go to the movie.

A. For her to say that to you is deplorable.
B. It is deplorable for her to say that to you.

A. I detest Alfred's refusing to take out the trash.
B. I detest taking out the trash.
A. Wilfred assumed that everyone would gather in the parking lot.
B. Wilfred wondered who would gather in the parking lot.

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