Outline for Unit 4: Adverbials and sentence modifiers

(Weeks 12-13 March 26-April 6)

Monday March 26

Class discussion: identification of adverbials by form and function; NPs as adverbials
Read: Kolln chapt. 6
Due: chapt. 6 S for P odd numbers only (diagram the sentences!)

Wednesday March 28

Group work
Due: chapt. 6 S for P even numbers only (diagram the sentences!)

Friday March 30

Class discussion: adverbial infinitives
Due: chapt. 6 Q for D 1, 7

Monday April 2

Class discussion: sentence modifiers vs. adverbials
Read: Kolln chapt. 8
Due: chapt. 8 S for P: 5, 13, 14

Wednesday April 4

Group work
Due: chapt. 8 Q for D 2, 3

Friday April 6

Class discussion: elliptical clauses
Read: chapt. 9 pp. 240-243
Due: chapt. 8 Q for D , 4; chapt. 9. Q for D. 6

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