Group Assignments Unit 5

1. Sentence Collection

Find an example of a sentence of each type in a written source, diagram each sentence, and provide, using appropriate tests, a clear explanation in grammatical terms of the reasoning behind your analyses. Please provide citations for the sources of your sentences.

  1. Sentence with a relative clause modifying the subject or direct object.
  2. Sentence with a non-restrictive relative clause.
  3. Sentence with a participial phrase.
  4. Sentence with a restrictive relative clause.
  5. Sentence with a relative clause as sentence modifier.

2. Sentence Construction

Construct each sentence according to the instructions, and diagram each sentence. You do NOT have to provide a written explanation for the sentences.

  1. Sentence with an elliptical comparative.
  2. Sentence with a restrictive participial phrase.
  3. Sentence with a relative clause in which the relative pronoun is the object of a preposition.
  4. Sentence with a participial phrase modifying the subject.
  5. Sentence with a relative clause with an indefinite relative pronoun.
  6. Sentence with a relative clause with deleted relative pronoun.

3. Comments on Problematical Sentences

Each sentence would posse some kind of problem in standard edited English. Some are not possible sentences for any English speakers (ungrammatical sentences) and some violate rules of usage or are simply unclear writing. Explain the problem with each sentence, using grammatical terms accurately and tests where appropriate, and provide a correction. Although you do not have to diagram the sentences, you may find that diagramming some of them helps you figure out the problem.

  1. Yesterday, Wilfred visited his friend that lives in Galveston.
  2. The Alamo that is in Texas is a popular tourist attraction.
  3. Moldering away in an obscure corner of the refrigerator, Edward didnšt notice the casserole until it was too late.
  4. A prize will be awarded to whomever performs the best comedy routine.
  5. The dog was running loose yesterday belongs to my friend Steve.
  6. Students, who have taken English grammar, may be excused from the grammar test, but all other students must take the test.

7. Extra credit: This is an example of a type of relative clause that it is ungrammatical in English but not in Arabic.

(Hint: it REALLY helps to try to diagram this one!)

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