E360K English Grammar: grammar, linguistics, and usage on the WWW




  • Virtual Library: Linguistics: a site with links to a wide variety of resources on theoretical, applied, and pedagogical issues concerning language.

  • The Human Languages Page": a vast site that contains information on languages living and dead and links to numerous resources.

  • Neuroscience for Kids (rather sophisticated kids!)---a site which has some information about the brain and language and language disorders plus lots of material about the nervous system and brain.

  • Center for Applied Linguistics: an extensive site that includes information on: Adult ESL Literacy, Bilingual Education, Dialects/Ebonics, Foreign Language Education, Immigrant Education, Integrated Language/Content, K-12 ESL, Language Testing, Public Policy Issues, Refugee Concerns, School Reform, and Two-Way (language-learning) Immersion.

    African-American Vernacular English and other vernacular dialects: linguistic, educational, and social issues.

    Popular and Scholarly Attitudes Toward Grammar and Usage


    For teachers and other citizens

    Methods, material, syllabuses etc.

    Linguistics and Education

    Bilingual Education, Bilingual Speech Communities, English-Only, Minority Languages in the U.S. and World-Wide

    Syllabus Class schedule
    Assignments Handouts
    WWW Resources

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