Seating Assignments and Instructions

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CC 303 Intro to Classical Mythology - Fall 2009
Department of Classics  University of Texas at Austin, Prof. Lawrence Kim

When you enter the room, please put all bags on the stage in the front of the room;
all you will need for the exam is a pen/pencil.

Below is a TABLE listing the row assignments for the exam.  
The rows are clearly labelled on the aisle seats.  You can sit anywhere in the assigned row as long as there is an empty seat on either side of you.

Acosta - Astley A Odd/Left Atkins - Benitez A Even/Right
Bertrand - BordelloBOdd/LeftBrown - CamarenaBEven/Right
Cartwright - ChiangCOdd/LeftChristian - CullarCEven/Right
Curl - DeyDOdd/LeftDugie - FournierDEven/Right
Franco - GuilloryEOdd/LeftGurganious - HoklasEEven/Right
Horning - JonesFOdd/LeftKarim - KirkFEven/Right
Kopp - LewisGOdd/LeftLiu - MarkleyGEven/Right
Marshall - MilandenkaHOdd/LeftMohammed - NashHEven/Right
Nazar - PannuJOdd/LeftPatterson - ProskeJEven/Right
Quach - RivetKOdd/LeftRoberts - SchmiederKEven/Right
Scoville - SliwowskiLOdd/LeftSoares - TerenLEven/Right
Thattarath - WagalMOdd/LeftWaldrep - ZiebenMEven/Right