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Yahoo! - Social Science:Linguistics and Human Languages
Excellent selection of subfields to choose from. And if you can't find what you need right away, just search for it!
The I Love Languages Page
A comprehensive catalogue of language-related resources, some of which also appear here.
What is Linguistics?
FAQ list about linguistics.
Ethnologue - Languages of the World
"A catalog of the world's languages including information on alternate names, number of speakers, location, dialects, linguistic affiliation, and other sociolinguistic and demographic information" Description from site.
The Eclectic Company - Language & Linguistics
A great collection of linguistics links from John Lawler (U Michigan), some of which also appear here.
The definitive site for any linguist. Be sure to check out the Language Resources.
Boston U: Links for introductory linguistics students
Links to various linguistics sites, some of which also appear here.
An excellent source for linguists and non-linguists alike, the "leading global language portal." At last count, there were links to dictionaries and/or grammars of more than 250 languages. (Wow!) Also, word of the day, word games, and much more.
Links to Good Linguistics Sites
Mary D. Taffet's home page, with lots of links to site for students of introductory linguistics courses. (Many of the same links are given here.)
Georgetown: Links for introductory linguistics students
Home page for the Intro to Linguistics courses at Georgetown. Includes links to various linguistics sites, some of which also appear here.


Morphology Download practice morphology problems. Links to sites with more practice problems, morphological analyzers, and more.
Syntax Download an interactive syntax tutor or a tree-building font. Links to essays on sentence structure, word order, syntactic ambiguity. Plus lots more...
Semantics Links to WordNet and sites on semiotics, metaphors and meaning.
Phonetics Phonetics exercises for practice with transcription and phonetic fonts for your computer. Also, links to help with articulatory as well as acoustic phonetics.
Phonology Links to an online phonology course, phonology and sound change, and Canadian raising.
Psycholinguistics Links to sites on language acquisition, neurolinguistics, and animal communication.
Sociolinguistics An interactive dialect map, as well as links to sites on dialects, language policy, Ebonics, pidgins & creoles, and much more.
Historical Download some historical linguistics problems for help with Grimm's Law, comparative reconstruction, and more. Links to sites on history of English, language change, Germanic languages, and more.
Writing Links to mayan glyphs, ancient scripts, and all the scripts of the world.
Other Links to sites on endangered languages, Tolkienian languages, computational linguistics, linguistic fieldwork, and fun with linguistics!

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