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Slips of the Tongue: Windows to the Mind
by Victoria Fromkin (UCLA). How slips of the tongue relate to sounds of language, as well as the mental dictionary.

Language Acquisition

Mama teached me talk!
R. Beard on language acquisition
Genie: Secret of the Wild Child
The story of Genie, a "wild child" who grew up isolated, barely able to walk or talk (transcript from Nova).


Language and Brain
by Stephen Crain (U Maryland). Language instinct, modularity.
by Lise Menn (U Colorado). Language and the brain, aphasia, dyslexia.
Handedness and brain lateralization
Learn what handedness has to do with language.

Animal Communication

Slithy toves of chimpanzees
R. Beard on chimpanzee communication. Learn about chimpanzees and the innateness hypothesis. Can chimps talk?
Could Bonzo go to college?
"Do chimpanzees have language skills? Paul Hoffman, editor of Discover Magazine, takes a look at both sides to the story." Description from site.
An Internet Chat with Koko the Gorilla
Peruse the transcript of the first ever interspecies online chat. Decide for yourself whether gorillas are capable of human language.

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