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Dialect Map of /open o/: "bought"

The following is a dialect map demonstrating different pronunciations of the word "bought". Click on the areas highlighted in blue to hear speakers from each area saying the word "bought". (After listening to each token, use your brower's Back button to return to this page.)

Some speakers use the mid-low back rounded lax vowel ('open o'), while others use the low back unrounded vowel. Note that the speakers from Austin, mainland North Carolina, Harker's Island (off the coast of North Carolina), and Philadelphia have an 'open o' vowel in "bought", while the speaker from Boston uses the low back unrounded vowel.

Austin Allophone of /open o/
Philadelphia Allophone of /open o/
Boston Allophone of /script a/
Mainland North Carolina Allophone of /open o/
Harker's Island, NC Allophone of /open o/

Map of Eastern U.S.

Special thanks to Walt Wolfram (North Carolina State University), Adrianne Cheek (UT-Austin), and the North Carolina Language and Life Project for providing much of the data used here. Thanks also to all the speakers who contributed to this dialect map.

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