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Dialect map: "talk"
Hear how speakers from different parts of the U.S. say the word "talk."
Dialect map: "bought"
Another dialect map, this time with the word "bought".



by Walt Wolfram (NC State). Language as social behavior, language attitudes.
Discourse Analysis
by Deborah Tannen (Georgetown). Discourse and frames, turn-taking, discourse markers, speech acts.
by Guadalupe Valdés (Stanford). Multilingualism and bilingualism defined.
Georgetown: Sociolinguistics Resources
Links to sociolinguistics resources on the web, some of which are also included here.
Linguistic Anthropology Resources
Links to many sites dealing with linguistic anthropology.
The LINGUIST List: ESL, EFL, and L2 Information
from the Linguist List: resources for students and teachers on English as a Second Language, English as a Foreign Language, and second language learning.


The Organization of Dialect Diversity in North America
by William Labov (Penn). Dialect differences with COT vs. CAUGHT, PIN vs. PEN.
Dictionary of American Regional English
DARE "seeks to document the varieties of English that are not found everywhere in the United States--those words, pronunciations, and phrases that vary from one region to another." Includes a few quizzes, so you can test your own knowledge of regional vocabulary.
The Online Slang Dictionary

Language Policy

Language Policy Web Site
James Crawford's site on language policy, including English Only movement, English Plus, bilingual education, endangered languages, and language rights.
English Only: Against
ACLU against English-Only Legislation
English Only:For
U.S.ENGLISH--Official English is Necessary


Turns of Phrase: Ebonics
Where did the term Ebonics come from? Answer from World Wide Words.
Linguistic Society Resolution on "Ebonics"
Resolution on the Oakland "Ebonics" issue unanimously adopted at the Annual Meeting of the Linguistic Society of America (1/97).
Ebonics Resources
Links to info on Ebonics.

Pidgins and Creoles

Languages in Contact
by Donald Winford (Ohio State). Language contact, pidgins, creoles.
Pidgins and Creoles
Reasons for development of pidgins and creoles, including a self-quiz.
Creolist Archives
Comprehensive list of links on creoles.

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