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Java Interactive Syntax Tutor
"A Java applet which allows the user to practise writing phrase structure grammars for natural languages (and have some feedback on the result)." Description from site.
Software package (for Windows) that allows users to create grammars (using PS rules and lexicosn), to view structures in tree diagrams, and to use transformations on those structures.


Arboreal font
How to order a tree-building font from Cascadilla Press, for both Mac and Windows.


Grammar as Science
A companion text to Syntactica (see above).
You have to pay your syntax
R. Beard on syntax. Sentence structure, grammar, syntactic ambiguity.
Language Diversity
by Bernard Comrie (USC). Differences among languages, language universals.
What is Grammar?
by Sandy Chung and Geoff Pullum (UC, Santa Cruz). Grammar, word order, word structure.
La syntaxe
An online syntax course from Queen's University (en Francais).

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