Snapshot of Professor Madeline Maxwell's Scholarly Work

Current Activities

Practicum in Conflict Resolution

With the support of UT Dean of Communication Ellen Wartella, the Joe W. Neal Centennial Fellowship in International Communication, The Dean of Students, and the Athletic Department, I am running this pilot project. Students provide conflict intervention services through the UT Conflict Resolution Center that will open in the Student Services Building this coming fall. One of the goals of the project is to analyze the communication in these interactions.
Data Sessions

Join the Language and Culture group in the department and some friends around campus for weekly data sessions. If you have natural communication data that you've videotaped, we'd love to study it with you. These are very informal sessions in which we focus on some moment of interaction and discuss the possibilities for study. Summer 1998 we are meeting Wednesdays 1-2:30. We meet in the Speech Lab, CMA 5.114.
Communication (In)Competence: Disabling Evaluations in Clinical and Social Interaction

Dana Kovarsky of the University of Rhode Island, Judith Duchan of SUNY Buffalo, and I have edited this book for Lawrence Erlbaum Publishers. The papers include conversation analysis, ethnography, and discourse analysis of the communication of individuals, such as patients in psychotherapy or a student of a religious leader, who are not considered to have any disorder or disability, as well as those who have been diagnosed with a language disorder. We anticipate a fall publication date.

    Rhode Island Roundtable Some of the book authors and other colleagues met in June for the second year in Rhode Island to talk about interaction, focusing on Diagnosis as Cultural Practice. The link is to some photos from our weekend.

Deafness in Multicultural America

I am finishing up a book that introduces people to the role of deafness in communication for Singular Press.
Curriculum vitae
This is a short version of my curriculum vitae.

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