January 13th (M)
Slides:Course Introduction
FYI:Codd's relational database model named one of the most important innovations of the past 85 years (Forbes)
Target's point-of-sale terminals were infected with malware (Computerworld)
January 15th (W) & 22nd (W)
Slides:Getting Started
Basic Database Concepts
Readings:Data, Data Everywhere (InformationWeek)
What is a Database, Anyway? (Cheeseman)
Introduction to Relational Databases (Mote)
January 27th (M) & 29th (W)
Slides:Database Modeling
Readings:Database Keys (Chapple)
Primary and Foreign Keys (
Referential Integrity (Chapple)
Understanding Entity Relationship Diagrams (CERI)
Introduction to ER Diagrams (Mote)
Creating ER Diagrams with Visio 2010 (Mote)
FYI:Foreign Key (Google Definitions)
Foreign Key (Wikipedia)
SQL Foreign Key (
Referential Integrity (Google Definitions)
Entity-Relationship Model (Wikipedia)
February 3rd (M)
Slides:Database Modeling: Retail Sales
FYI:Database Models from A to Z (
Five Indispensable IT Skills of the Future (IT World)
Ten of the Biggest Mistakes Developers Make With Databases (
Protecting Your Data Against Human Mistakes (Computerworld)
Managing Data Growth with Enterprise-class Databases (Database Journal)
At 10, Facebook Strives not to be your Granny's Social Network (Computerworld)
February 5th (W)
Readings:Normalization (Mote)
Normalization Exercise (Mote)
Normalization Practice Problem (Mote)
FYI:Database Normalization (Microsoft Knowledge Base)
Database Normalization (ServerWatch)
Database Normalization (Wikipedia)
Database Normalization (Chapple)
Database Normalization (Database Journal)
Database Normalization for the Average Jane/Joe (Database Journal)
Searching for Database Normalization (Google)
February 10th (M)
Slides:Quick Review
Database Modeling: Retail Sales, Revisited
FYI:Retail Sales Database Design (Google Search)
February 12th (W)
Slides:Modeling Exercise
Handout:Modeling Exercise
FYI:Database Modeling Tutorials (
February 17th (M)
Handout:Sample Exam
February 19th (W)
Exam One
February 24th (M), 26th (W) & March 3rd (M)
Slides:SQL Data Definition Language
References:Oracle 11g Documentation Library (Oracle)
Oracle SQL Language Reference: html format (Oracle)
Oracle SQL Language Reference: pdf format (Oracle)
Handout:Using McCombs Oracle
FYI:ANSI Standard SQL? What the heck is ANSI? (Wikipedia)
SQL Tutorial (W3Schools)
Effective Database Application Design - a Reminder of the Fundamentals (Database Journal)
Top 10 Mistakes When Building and Maintaining a Database (Database Journal)
The Dos and Don'ts of Database Indexing (Database Journal)
Untangling your Unruly Data (Computerworld)
March 5th (W)
Slides:SQL Data Manipulation Language Overview
Readings:SQL Select Statement (w3schools)
SQL Insert Statement (w3schools)
SQL Update Statement (w3schools)
SQL Delete Statement (w3schools)
FYI:Select Statement Basics (
Insert/Update/Delete Statement Basics (
March 17th (M) & 19th (W)
Slides:Basic SQL Select
Sample Data:Instructions (Person Table)
Excel spreadsheet (zip format)
Readings:SQL Select Statement (w3schools)
March 24th (M)
Slides:Aggregation SQL Select
Readings:Using Saved Results
March 26th (W) & 31st (M)
Slides:Multi-Table SQL Select
Sample Data:Instructions (Office, Employee & Dependent Tables)
Excel spreadsheet (zip format)
Readings:SQL Join (w3schools)
SQL Join (
SQL Join (
A Visual Explanation of SQL Joins (Coding Horror)
Handout:Sample Exam
FYI:Clearing a Path Through the 3NF Join Jungle (Database Journal)
Maybe Normalization Isn't Normal (Coding Horror)
April 2nd (W)
Exam Two
April 7th (M) & 9th (W)
Slides:More Multi-Table SQL Select
FYI:A9T1 Strategy
Oracle Overtakes IBM as Second Largest Software Vendor (IDG News Service)
Google's Internet-Delivering Balloon Circles the Earth (Computerworld)
Introverts vs. Extroverts in Tech (IDG Connect)
Dumb Things IT People Say (Kippelman)
Computerworld's Smart Salary Tool 2014 (Computerworld)
April 14th (M) & 16th (W)
Slides: SQL Subquery Select
Readings:SQL Subquery (Beginner SQL Tutorial)
SQL Subqueries (TutorialsPoint)
SQL Subquery (1KeyData)
FYI:Correlated Subquery (Wikipedia)
SQL Subqueries (Google Search)