The Lecture Notes section of your virtural classroom contains text and sound. Unlike a conventional textbook, you will be able to hear all the musical examples without having to read the text at the piano or coordinate your reading with the operation of audio equipment. Furthermore, you will not need to download any sound files; they are embedded in each document. Under each example, you will see control buttons to start, stop, and control the volume of each example. To take full advantage of Lecture Notes, make sure your computer is properly configured for sound. If you do not here the background music playing while you are reading these instructions, then you should make sure you have the proper browser setup and the proper midi setup.

What You Will Find in Lecture Notes

After each lecture or upon completing the study of a topic, I will publish the notes and musical examples I used for the lecture or topic. You can study a particular topic by clicking the subject title in Contents Menu located on the right hand side of this page. After completing the study of a topic or concept, the subject title will be added to the Content Menu. Lecture Notes is not intended to replace your own note taking, nor will it substitue for attending class. The purpose of Lecture Notes is to reinforce the lecture material. Lecture Notes gives you the opportunity to study the material covered in class at you own pace. Since class time is limited, I cannot always go into as much depth as I would like to for every subject. Lecture Notes will provide me the opportunity of presenting additional information about a concept or topic. Consequently, for those of you that would like to learn more advanced aspects of a topic or concept, you can add to your knowledge by studying the material in the Advanced section of each page. In the Supplemental Material section of your virtual classroom, you will find practice material and self-tests.

Do you know the name of the piece of music that is playing in the background? Send me an e-mail message with your answer (clicking on my e-mail address below will start Netscape's mail component). If you are correct, I will give you extra credit points.

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