Some pointers for the first quiz (Feb. 8)


Format: multiple choice, 25 questions.


Content: all materials covered through Feb. 3, incl. readings in Kamm and Course Packet and lectures 1-6.


Counts for: 10% of your course grade.


Excuses: none except for doctorÕs note.  See syllabus.


Please bring: #2 pencils.


Grades will be available: on Blackboard later on Feb. 8. Answer key will be available on the course web site.        


Sample questions:


1)  Omens in Rome were

a. largely ignored

b. mostly a matter of private business

c. often used to guide public business

d. not used after 390 B.C.


See Kamm, pp. 83-85


2) The traditional date for RomeÕs foundation was

a. 509 B.C.

b. 753 B.C.

c. 800 B.C.

d. none of the above


See Lectures and Kamm


3) Which of the following did NOT play a part in the story of RomulusÕ founding of Rome?

a. fratricide

b. the arrival of a fleet

c. the abduction of women

d. vultures


See Plutarch, Life of Romulus


4) Which of the following is NOT true of Etruscan tombs?

a. they always show mostly happy scenes

b. they sometimes show a painted door

c. they change to more gloomy scenes in the course of time

d. they sometimes show athletic contests


See Lecture 2.