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Images For Lecture 12/13

Images from Lecture 11: Antony and Octavian (recap)

1. Sanctuary of Fortuna Praeneste
2. Sanctuary of Fortuna Praeneste
3. Sanctuary of Fortuna Praeneste

Augustan Art
Architecture in the Provinces:

4. Maison Carree, Augustan temple, Nimes, France
5. Pont du Gard, Roman Aqueduct 1
6. Pont du Gard, Roman Aqueduct 2
7. Pont du Gard, water channel

Architecture in Rome:
8. Fora of Julius Caesar and Augustus
9. Plan of Augustus' Forum
10. Forum of Augustus, restoration
11. Inner Sanctum of Temple of Mars Ultor (the Avenger), computer model

Circus Maximus
12. Model of Circus Maximus
13. Circus Maximus today, view 1
14. Circus Maximus today, view 2

Ara Pacis
15. View in new museum
16. Front view
17. Profile drawing
18. Interior garland
19. Procession of sacrificial animals
20. Altar enclosure
21. Interior walls
22. Tellus frieze and south wall procession
23. Vegetal frieze
24. Procession frieze
25. Detail of procession with Agrippa and flamines
26. Full view of south wall
27. Close up of Augustus
28. Relief of Aeneas
29. Aeneas and vegetal frieze
30. Venus/Tellus
31. Roma
32. Celebrity at the Ara Pacis

Augustus of Prima Porta
33. Prima Porta Augustus
34. Color restoration
35. Doryphoros by Polykleitos
36. Cupid riding dolphin at foot of Augustus
37. Detail of head of Augustus
38. Detail of breastplate
39. Drawing of breastplate
40. Detail of breastplate of Augustus - Sky and Horses of the Sun
41. Breastplate: Figure with cornucopia
42. Breastplate: Detail of a Parthian
43. Mosaic showing Alexander the Great

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