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Images For Lecture 16

Augustus' successors

1. Tiberius as Abraham Lincoln
2. Portrait of Tiberius
3. Coin of Tiberius
4. Map of the Roman Empire (Tiberius to Trajan)
5. Portrait of Caligula with color reconstructed
6. Portrait of Caligula (2)
7. Coin of Caligula and girlfriend (his sister Drusilla)
8. Claudius (recut from an old portrait of Caligula)
9. How ridiculous can you look in a toga? -- Claudius
10. Claudius wearing oak leaf crown

11. Portrait of Nero
12. Nero again
13. Coin of Nero
14. Coin of Nero (with Roma on the obverse)
15. Nero and burning Christians
16. Coin of Nero (with Temple of Janus on the obverse)
17. Peter Ustinov as Nero, singing while Rome burns
18. Artist reconstruction of Domus Aurea, Nero's Golden House
19. Plan of part of Nero's Golden House buried under Trajan's Baths, so-called Esquiline Wing
20. Old Photo of roof (oculus) of Octagonal Hall of the Golden House
21. Interior of the Octagonal Hall today
22. Section of Octagonal Hall
23. Reconstruction of the Octagonal Hall
24. Some Wall Paintings in the Domus Aurea (Fourth Style)
25. More decoration from the Domus Aurea

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