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Images For Lecture 18

Early Christian Art:

1. Early Christian mosaic, Christ as the Sun God, 3rd/4th c. AD, Rome
2. Wall painting, Jonah thrown from a boat, 4th c. AD, Rome
3. Painting, Jonah thrown into the sea
4. Painting, Crossing of the Red Sea
5. Catacomb painting, Daniel in the Lion's Den, Rome
6. Catacomb painting, Three Youths (Shadrach, Mishrach, and Abednego) in the furnace, Rome
7. Painting, catacomb, 4th
8. Painting, Fish and eucharistic bread
9. Painting, Eucharistic fish
10. Marble sarcophagus of Junius Bassus, mid 4th c. AD, Rome
11. Graffito depicting a crucifixion, first half of 3rd c. AD, Rome
12. Christian Roman wall mosaic, Rome
13. Early Christian wall painting, late 3rd c. AD, Rome
14. Catacomb painting, Good Shepherd, Orants and the story of Jonah, 4th c. AD, Rome
15. Moschophoros (Calf bearer), 570 BC Acropolis Museum, Athens
16. Christian Roman apse mosaic, early 5th c. AD, Rome
17. Early Christian wall painting, mid 4th c. AD, Rome
18. Christian roman apse mosaic, 6th c. AD, Rome
19. Painting, Christ and the Apostles
20. Lazarus Miracle
21. Lazarus Miracle on glass cup
22. Peter's Water Miracle
23. Zoroastrian Magician

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