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Images For Lecture 20

1. The Temple of Isis at Pompeii, Engraving by Francesco Piranesi, 1788.
2. Pompeii: Temple of Isis
3. Statuette of Isis with cornucopia
4. Priestesses of Isis
5. Isis - Aphrodite, Bronze statuette
6. Wall-painting showing temple & rites of Isis
7. Model showing the Campus Martius - Isaeum/Serapeum in top right corner
8. Statue from Rome's Isaeum/Serapeum
9. Sphinx from Rome's Isaeum/Serapeum
10. Monkey-god Thoth from Rome's Isaeum/Serapeum
11. Roman sculpture of Anubis/Hermes from Hadrian's villa
12. Porphyry statue of the Tetrarchs
13. Portrait of Diocletian
14. Portrait of Constantine (possibly recarved)
15. Peter Paul Ruben's painting of the conversion of Constantine
16. Colossal head of Constantine
17. Fragments of the colossal seated statue of Constantine
18. Computer reconstruction of the colossal statue of Constantine in the Basilica of Maxentius
19. Basilica of Maxentius (finished by Constantine & renamed Basilica of Constantine)
20. Basilica of Maxentius/Constantine from the north
21. Cut-away & reconstruction of the Basilica of Maxentius/Constantine
22. Arch of Constantine
23. Close-up of the Arch of Constantine, with spoliated roundels
24. Spoliated relief of Trajan (also on the Arch of Constantine), recut to look like Constantine
25. Relief of Constantine (adlocutio), on the Arch of Constantine
26. Roundel from the Arch of Constantine, showing the Chariot of Sol

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