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Images For Lecture 21:

Constantine and Julian

1. The tetrarchs
2. Diocletian
3. Colossal head of Constantine the Great

4. Colossal finger of Constantine
5. Bust of Constantine
6. Constantine's Conversion by Peter Paul Rubens
7. South side of the Arch of Constantine
8. South side of the Arch of Constantine (2)
9. Arch of Constantine (3)
10. Basilica of Maxentius/Constantine, Roman Forum
11. Basilica of Maxentius/Constantine with overlay
12. Arch of Constantine, Detail: Medallion depicting Sol driving the chariot of the sun
13. Relief from the north side of the Arch of Constantine
14. Basilica of Maxentius and Constantine
15. Study after a roman Sacrificial Relief: the Suovetaurilia, sketch
16. Suovetaurilia relief
17. Suovetaurilia from Trajan's Column
18. Gold coin of Julian the Apostate
19. Gold solidus, Rev: Julian II standing in consular robes holding the mappa and scepter
20. Emperor Julian "the Apostate" in the garb of a priest or philosopher
21. Sculpture of Julian "the Apostate"
22. Julian III
23. Bronze medallion of Julian III, Rev: Reparatio Galliarum
24. Julian falls from his horse during battle, murdered by one of his Christian soldiers

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