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Images For Lecture 23:

1. Map of amphitheaters across the Roman Empire
2. Wooden amphitheater shown on Trajan's Column
3. Wall-painting: Murmillo vs. Thracian
4. Decorated flask relief
5. Murmillo tomb relief (notice the commemoration of four victories)
6. Statuette of a secutor
7. Greaves
8. Bestiarius relief
9. Skull of a gladiator killed by a retiarius
10. Skulls of gladiators showing healed head injuries
11. Bestiarius relief
12. Happy lion and victim, 1st cent. CE
13. Gladiators fighting Monster Sheep
14. Map of animal transport across the empire
15. Trapping tigers - the dangerous way
16. Tiger hunting
17. Bestiari & leopards
18. Mosaic (from Zliten), showing a day's events at the amphitheater
19. At the end of the day... executions by beast
20. Executions & venationes
21. Opening act: orchestra & equites
22. Model of the Circus Maximus
23. Mosaic showing victorious charioteer (Team Red)
24. Replica of a Roman racing chariot
25. Mosaic showing a racing quadriga (note that the horses are named on the right)
26. Modern-day chariot enthusiasts (in Gerasa, Syria)
27. Mosaic showing the four racing factions (Green, Red, Blue, White)
28. Tomb relief of a conditor (race sponsor)
29. Relief showing a day at the races



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