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Images For Lecture 23:

Gladiators & Games

1. Map: Amphitheaters across the Roman Empire
2. Relief showing wooden amphitheater
3. Wall-painting: Murmillo vs. Thracian
4. Decorated flask relief
5. Tomb stele relief
6. Detail: Murmillo helmet
7. Greaves
8. Relief showing Bestiarius
9. Wall-painting of Bestiarii scene
10. Relief of a gladiator and lion.
11. Happy Lion and gladiator, 1st c. AD
12. Gladiators fighting Monster Sheep
13. Map: Transport of beasts across the Empire
14. Animal hunt scene
15. Detail: Tiger hunt
16. Mosaic showing Venatores
17. Mosaic detail: execution by animal
18. Mosaic showing musicians
19. Circus Maximus
20. Mosaic of Roman Chariot Racing
21. A Roman Chariot
22. Roman Charioteers
23. Roman Charioteers
24. Relief of a Roman Charioteer

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