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Images For Lecture 3

1. Map of Italy
2. Map of Rome
3. Shewolf with twins
4. Shewolf liberated of Thing 1 and Thing 2
5. "Hut of Romulus" on Palatine Hill
6. Tiber Island
7. Romulus as victorious general
8. Vestal Virgin
9. Atrium Vestae (House of Vestals)
10. Rape of the Sabines by Poussin
11. Sabine women by Poussin again
12. Sabines women as peacemakers by David
13. Capitoline Hill
14. Capitoline Hill (color)
15. Lucretia

16. Bevo the Minotaur
17. Theseus killing Minotaur
18. Theseus killing Minotaur again
19. Stylized labyrinth
20. Site Plan: Palace of Minos, Knossos, Crete
21. Reconstruction: Palace of Minos
22. Alcestis

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