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Images For Lecture 4

1. Forum Image with Palatine
2. Forum Image: Regia and Palatine
3. Portrait of an elderly man, 1st century AD
4. Older Woman, 1st century BC
5. Male portrait, 1st century AD
6. Republican male portrait (100 BC)
7. Republican male portrait (35 BC)
8. Plan of Basilica Aemilia
9. Plan of St. Peter's Basilica
10. Basilica of Julius Caesar
11. Basilica (Reconstructed)
12. Basilica (Ravenna, Early Christian)
13. Basilica (Ravenna, Early Christian)
14. Galleria (Milan, Twentieth-Century)
15. Map of cultural groups in Italy during historic period
16. Map showing growth of Rome in Italy
17. Pyrrhus' route
18. Bust of Pyrrhus, Roman copy of Hellenistic original

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