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Images For Lecture 5

1. Carthage, aerial view
2. Carthage harbors, reconstruction
3. Map of Sicily
4. Map of Rome and Carthage, 218 BC
5. Carthage Views
6. Male Punic warrior or deity
7. Punic goddess
8. Terracotta figurines from tombs
9. Female heads and seated statuette of Tanit
10. Archaic Punic funerary goods
11. Funerary statuettes, 6th c. BC
12. Tanit, 4th c. BC
13. Carthage Tophet (b/w)
14. Carthage Tophet (color, 2006)
15. Relief sculpture - sacrifice
16. Relief sculpture - priest sacrificing
17. Stele (upright slab or pillar): funerary scene
18. Stele: various subjects
19. How Hannibal looked to the Romans
20. Hannibal war game
21. Hannibal and tachyderms in the Alps
22. Hannibal in the Alps (J.M.W. Turner, 1775-1851)
23. Zama Road Sign
24. Zama terrain
25. What starts here changes the world: famous American (not Patton) near Zama

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