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Images For Lecture 6

1. How Hannibal looked to the Romans
2. Hannibal War Game
3. Hannibal and tachyderms in the Alps
4. Hannibal in the Alps (J.M.W. Turner, 1775-1851)
5. Zama Road Sign
6. Zama terrain
7. What starts here changes the world: famous American (not Patton) near Zama

Roman Painting - Landscapes:

8. Landscape with pastoral scene, Pompeii
9. "Sacred Landscape", Pompeii

Lares (household gods):
10. Painting of a shrine to the Lares, Pompeii
11. Painting of Lares shrine #2

Worship of Vesta:
12. Temple of Vesta, depicted on a Neronian aureus (gold coin)
13. Atrium and statues of Vestal Virgins in Forum, Rome, 1st century BC
14. House of the Vestals and temple of Vesta, Forum, Rome
15. Relief showing Vestals
16. Augur, auguraculum, and lituus
17. Statue of Hercules and Minerva from sanctuary of Sant'Omobono, Rome
18. The Republican Temples of the Forum Boarium

Villa of the Mysteries, Pompeii:

19. Villa of Mysteries, Plan and Reconstruction
20. Villa of Mysteries, Peristyle
21. Villa of Mysteries, Northeast corner view
22. Villa of Mysteries, North wall: Boy reading and veiled initiate
23. View of North wall
24. Faun playing flute, girl suckling goat, and a girl alarmed
25. Terror-stricken woman
26. Pan with flute, female nursing kid, terror-stricken women, Silenus giving drink to satyr
27. Head of satyr, scrying
28. East wall: Dionysius & Ariadne, attendant with covered basket, winged figure with whip
29. Bacchante and girl undergoing ordeal
30. Girl undergoing ordeal, detail
31. Girl with Cupid and attendant getting hair done
32. Domina

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