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Images For Lecture 7

Greek Prototypes

Theater of Epidauros, Greece

1. Aerial view of the theater
2. Plan of the theater, drawing
3. Side view of the theater

Theater in action - Aeschylus' Persians at the theater of Epidauros
4. View #1
5. View #2
6. View #3

Theater of Dionysus, Athens, Greece
7. Performance at the Theater of Dionysus
8. Relief from Theater of Dionysus #1
9. Relief from Theater of Dionysus #2

Roman theater, Aspendos (2nd half of 2nd century AD)
10. View of scene and orchestra
11. View of seats, skene
12. View of seats, skene (black and white)
13. Plan of theater

Theater of Pompey, Rome
14. Reconstruction of theater, black and white
15. Ancient plan of the theater
16. Marble (ancient) plan of the theater
17. Aerial view of the neighborhood in Rome where theater once stood

Theater of Marcellus, Rome
18. Reconstruction of Theater, color

19. Theater as it looks today

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