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Images For Lecture 9/10

1. Portrait of Pompey
2. Coin of Pompey
3. Portrait of Cicero
4. Portrait of Julius Caesar
5. Julius Caesar: Tusculum Portrait
6. Julius Caesar: Torlonia Portrait
7. Julius Caesar: Campo Santo Portrait
8. Statue of Julius Caesar
9. Campaigns of Julius Caesar 58-45 BC
10. Coins of Caesar - Gaul etc.
11. Curia in Roman Forum

Basilica Julia
12. View across the Roman Forum
13. 3D Reconstructions
14. Interior

Forum Julium
15. Plan and reconstruction
16. Aerial view
17. Temple of Venus Genetrix: View towards the Curia
18. Caesar as dictator perpetuus

19. Painting
20. Drawing
21. Ancient bust (notice the hair color)
22. Cleopatra in pharaonic style at Dendera (Egypt)
23. Cleopatra's hairstyles (ancient portraits)
24. Coin of Cleopatra

25. Underwater excavations at Alexandria
26. Sphinx head underwater at Alexandria
27. Underwater cleaning of a carved block
28. Alexandria underwater excavations: raising a sphinx head
29. Caesar and his star
30. Octavian as divi filius
31. Temple of divine Julius Caesar on coin
32. Cleo Chill
33. Marc Antony


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