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Lecture 17 Images
Updated 11/2/2015

Lecture 18: The Flavian dynasty and the 'Good' Emperors



I. The Flavians (A.D. 69-96): Vespasian, Titus, Domitian; Colosseum (= Flavian Amphitheater; vomitoria); Arch of Titus

II. New Merit System: The Adoptive Emperors (A.D. 96-180)

A. Nerva (96-98)
B. Trajan (from Spain; 98-117); biggest expansion and biggest forum; alimentary program; Column of Trajan
C. Hadrian (from Spain; 117-138); mix of cultures: Villa at Tivoli; the Bar Khochba rebellion
and the Jewish diaspora; Antinous; Temple of Venus and Roma
D. Antoninus Pius (138-161); the empire on cruise control
E. Marcus Aurelius (161-180); the Stoic philosopher, the Parthian campaign (162-166)
and the Great Plague; his son Commodus, a.k.a. Joaquin Phoenix (A.D. 180-192)

[III. Christianity and pagan antiquity:

the general perspective; the pagan/Christian symbiosis:
catacomb paintings, Justin Martyr (2nd cent.A.D.) and the Platonic logos]

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