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Lecture 20: Rome as a multi-cultural world

First: Finish up Lect. 19, plus one more item:

The problem of historical relativism: the Christian ethics of submissiveness

I. Some general considerations on race and culture in Rome

  1. a. Romans always a mixed people

    b. slavery and intermarriage

    c. social vs. cultural prejudice

    d. political vs. cultural imperialism

    e. the initiative for acculturation; municipia

    f. laissez-faire vs. indifference

    g. blacks and others seen as strangers (externi) rather than inferiors

II. The voice of the Roman Bubba: Juvenal, Satire 3 (Course Packet, pp. 105-112)

III. Mithraism

A. historical development; Zarathustra, Ahura Mazda and Ahriman; dualism

B. the myth of Mithras; December 25; Sol

C. Rome and the soldiers; 7 grades of initiation

D. cult; sacramentum, taurobolium ;"baptism"

E. shrines; symbolism: Cautes, Cautopates

F. the revisionist view; VFW rather than religion

G. strengths and weaknesses

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