CC 302

Lecture 25 (mini)

Are We Rome?


      Lessons for the U.S.? Some general analogies and differences between pax Romana and pax Americana

           a. sole superpower; military dominance
           changes ahead?

          b. how to create a sense of unity or shared values/experience; e pluribus unum

      1. Rome: law, cult/ritual (civil religion vs. fundamentalism), creation of opportunities, mythologizing of role models; pluralism

      2. America: democracy (but are others ready?), individual liberty, creation of opportunities, mythologizing of role models, pluralism

           c. "soft" vs. "hard" power: inspiration, values, culture - the issue of Romanization and Americanization
            (both are hybrids, hence have global appeal);
            pluralism and toleration as basic to superpowers (Amy Chua, Day of Empire, 2007)
           d. Obvious differences: technology, health and hygiene, educational system, representative democracy

Final perspective on our class: "What we did this semester will echo in eternity!"

Thank you all for a great semester.