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Grammatical Function and Syntactic Structure: The Adverbial Participle of Russian. UCLA Slavic Studies 8. (Columbus: Slavica Publishers, Inc., 1984), 218 pages. Library of Congress call number: PG 2369 R3 1984


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In press

“Toward a Theory of the Grammatical Use of Lexical Information”. To be published in the proceedings of the Fourteenth Meeting on Formal Approaches to Slavic Linguistics. The Princeton Meeting, ed. by Hana Filip, Steven Franks, James E. Lavine, and Mila Tasseva-Kurktchieva. Ann Arbor: Michigan Slavic Publications, 2006. Preliminary draft available in PDF format.

Expanded and revised version of ‘The Slavic Noun Phrase’ (1998, listed below). To appear in Comparative Slavic Morphosyntax, ed. by Stephanie Harves and James Lavine (Bloomington: Slavica Publishers, 2000). Available in PDF format.


"Slavic and East Europoean Linguistics in SEEJ: A Half-century of Scholarship". Slavic and East European Review 50,1 (2006), 97-116.

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‘The Slavic Noun Phrase’. Published in 1998 as one of five invited position papers on the website of the workshop entitled ‘Comparative Slavic Morphosyntax: State of the Art’. 24 pages, single-spaced.

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