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Gilbert C. Rappaport
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At the University of Texas at Austin

Department chair: May 2001 to June 2004

Graduate Advisor: 1988 to 1996, 1998 to 2003

  • Standardized procedures and propogated information about program facilities, requirements, and expectations.
  • Developed an extensive World Web Wide site describing the graduate program in Slavic and Eurasian Studies for promotional, recruiting, and informational purposes

Chairman of Graduate Studies Committee: 1988 to 1996, 1998 to 2003.

  • Designed and implemented a new Master of Arts program to replace its precedessor. The new program facilitates interdisciplinary study and greater flexibility for the student, while raising language competency standards.
  • Prepared a successful 35 page proposal for, and administered, over $350,000 in funding to support graduate students, under the Department of Education’s Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need program, 1994-1997 (see details above under ‘Grants and Awards’)..
  • Prepared a proposal (77 pages, including extensive documentation, plus a later detailed up-date) to the State of Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board for a doctoral program in Slavic Languages. This proposal was approved and the program was authorized beginning in the Fall of 1990.
  • Coordinator of Undergraduate Russian Language Instruction, Spring 1998.

Member, Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies Committee: 1986 to present.

Promotion Committee, College of Liberal Arts: 1993-5; 1998.

Slavic Department representative, Faculty Council, College of Liberal Arts: 1981-1985, 1986 to 1990.

Coordinated the first year Russian language program: 1979-1986.

  • The active recruitment of students resulted in an enrollment increase of 196% over five years in the beginning language courses under my supervision, from 53 officially enrolled (on the 12th day of classes) in the Fall semester of 1979 to 157 in 1984.

Supervised 1 doctoral dissertation (1994) and numerous M.A. Theses and Reports.

Served on various other Master’s and Doctoral degree committees in Slavic Languages, Linguistics, Government, and Germanic Languages.

Numerous guest presentations in introductory undergraduate and graduate interdisciplinary courses in Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies as well as at workshops off-campus on the topic of language, ethnicity, and nationalism.

Service to the profession nationwide

Member, Visiting Committee for Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures, Board of Overseers, Harvard College, 2000-2003.

Slavic and East European Journal:

  • Linguistics editor: 2001 to present
  • Associate Editor: 1988 to present.

Editorial Board, Journal of Slavic Linguistics: 1993 to present.

Member, AATSEEL Publications Committee, 1990 to 1993.

Manuscript referee for Folia Slavica, Journal of Slavic Linguistics, Language, Linguistic Inquiry, Natural Language and Linguistic Theory, Publications of the Modern Language Association, Slavic and East European Journal, Slavic Review, Syntaxis, and the Pennsylvania State Univ. Press.

Proposal referee, Killam Research Fellowship, Canada Council.

Served as outside evaluator for promotion cases: University of California, Los Angeles; Indiana University; Washington State University, and University of British Columbia.

Field advisor (reviewed proposals) for the Regional Scholar Exchange Program of the American Council of Teachers of Russian (1994).

Member, American Association of Teachers of Slavic and East European Languages Task Force of the Status of Slavic Linguistics in Higher Education

Advisor, Task Force on Funding, Polish Studies Committee (national, inter-institutional organization)

Member, AAASS Committee on Language Training: 1987-1990.

Member, AATSEEL Committee on Educational Technology: 1984-85.

Member, AATSEEL Ad Hoc Committee on Standardization of Computer Keyboards for·Cyrillic: 1983-84.

Served as Chairman or Secretary of various panels at annual meetings of AATSEEL.

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