Motivated Sequence Outline Worksheet


Names: ______________________________ Case: ____________________________


Our audience is:


We are:


I. Attention step


A.        Gain audience attention



B.         Direct audience to need (Why should we care in general?)



C.        Credibility‑enhancing material (Why should we listen to you?)



D.        Preview (What will you be talking about? Be sure not to give away your proposal!)






II. Need Step


A.        Need (What, specifically, is the need? Note: State as a claim)


1.Explanation (What are the elements/causes of the need?)



a.         Support (What evidence supports these elements/causes?)



b.         Support




B.         Who is affected (Why should listeners care about this need?)


1.         Support (What evidence verifies who is affected?)



2.         Support



C.        Consequences (What will happen if we don't address the need?)



1.         Support (What evidence verifies the consequences predicted?)



2.         Support








III. Satisfaction Step


A.  Satisfaction Statement  (How do you propose to satisfy the need? State as a claim)




1.         Explanation (What, specifically, is your plan to satisfy the need?)



a.         Element of satisfaction




b.         Element of satisfaction





B.         Remedy (How will your proposal satisfy the need?)




1.         Fit (How does the proposal fit the need?)




2.         Satisfaction (How will your proposal satisfy those affected by the need?)





3.         Workability (Will your proposal work? Is it feasible?)



C.        Superiority (Why is your proposal the best alternative? Be sure to address any objections you audience might raise in this section)



1.         Support (What evidence verifies that your proposal is superior to other alternatives?)




2.         Support








IV. Visualization Step



A.        Visualize results (What will the future be like with‑and/or without‑the proposal?)



Option 1:          Negative method** (What will the future be like if your proposal is not implemented?)




Option 2:          Positive method** (What will the future be like if your proposal is implemented?)





Option 3:          Contrast method—positive and negative** (What will the future be like without and with the implementation of your proposal?)




**Choose one of these three options.






IV. Action


A.        Elements of the action (What specifically do you want your audience to do TODAY?)
















B.         Emphasize the need for audience support





Summary Statement




End Memorably