Tool of Total Quality Management
Flow Chart Exercise
The purpose of this exercise is to give students an opportunity to practice constructing and using flow charts. Below is a case situation. Using the information in the case, develop a flow chart to accurately reflect the situation. Use the flow chart to analyze the problem and make recommendations for solving the problem.

You are employed by a mid-sized human service agency which employs 75 people. The agency has a central fax machine. For some time now, clinical staff have complained that they have not received fax messages in a timely manner. Because of the confidential nature of some of the fax messages, the agency has developed a three step procedure for handling fax messages. The fax clerk is the only person who can retrieve fax messages from the machine. The clerk seals the message in an envelope and delivers it to the mail room. The mail room places all fax messages in a "safe box" where they are picked up by the mail delivery person who delivers them to the secretary for each unit. The secretary opens the envelope and determines whether the fax contains confidential information. If not, the secretary places the fax message in the staff person's in box. If the message contains confidential information, the secretary forwards it directly to the clinical staff person for whom the message was intended. The goal is to design the system so that the correct person receives the fax message within one hour.

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