Department of ANTHROPOLOGY


·    Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology                   Ant 392N

·    Language in Culture and Society                             Ant 325M

·    Culture and Communication                                    Ant 307

·    Speech Play and Verbal Art                                    Ant 393d

·    Introduction to Maya Hieroglyphic Writing              Ant 320L

·    Language and Prehistory                                         Ant 320L

·    Food for Discourse and Thought                             Ant 393b

·    Mayan Languages                                                   Ant 389

·    Symbolism, Iconography, and Worldview               Ant 393a

·    Indians of Mexico and Guatemala                           Ant 322M       

    The Anthropology of Food                                     Ant 324L

    Introduction to Ethnobotany                                    Ant 393c

·    Ethnobotany of Mesoamerica                                  Ant 393

    Music and Discourse                                              Ant 393k

*    Politics in Health and Healing: Langauge & Logic     Ant 393l

    Sustaining People on the Planet                               Ant post 2000





Kaqchikel course in Guatemala          (info on getting credit at UT)    

Armadillo World Headquarters      actually a paper on armadillos and stools


Alex’s Website

The Simple Solution        to problems of the future

The Simultaneous Policy      a step towards freedom for all


Google Advanced

Searches 1  (with news & weather)

Anthrosource         Anthrosource journals    


Anthropology Journal Archive Project    Public Anthropology

AAA website   (includes links to Anthrosource)


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