(Pick a book with no asterisk from this list to do a 2 page double spaced book report due on the last day of class – I'm flexible about how you demonstrate that you've read the book; you can do a report, a review, some thoughtful discussion of questions that the book raised. )


Aguirre Beltran, Gonzalo.   l958.  Cuijla, Esbozo Etnográfico de un Pueblo Negro.  

Alcorn, Janis   l984.  Huastec Mayan Ethnobotany.   (Huastec / Teenek)

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The Culture of Marginality Among the Teenek of Mexico (Huastec / Teenek)

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          of the Chichimeca-Jonaz of Northeast Mexico.   (Chichimeca-Jonaz)

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          Identity in Contemporary Mexico.   (Ex-Nahuatl)

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